<html> <link rel="stylesheet" href="./stylesheet.css" type"text/css" /> <head> <title>Victorian Inn Bed &amp; Breakfast</title> </head> <body> <div id="wrapper"> <div id="header"> <img class="imageHeader" src="./images/logo.jpg" /> <span class="headerText">Victorian Inn Bed &amp; Breakfast<br /><em>Circa 1850</em></span> </div> <div id="content"> <div id="wordsNstuff"> <span class="imageRight"><img src="./images/vibnb.jpg" /><br />Beautiful 21 room Victorian Inn!</span> <p>Now there is a perfect place to end your day and get ready for the next!</p> <p>This is a home of memorable Victorian comfort and hospitality exemplifying the true heart of Pennsylvania. The Victorian Inn combines hominess with style. It welcomes you like a family.</p> <p>Here, on the banks of the Susquehanna River you may unwind in a garden atrium, chat with interesting guests such as Ghandi's grandson, a retired Russian spy, or a couple just "getting away." Read, relax, or watch TV in the privacy of your spacious room or the parlor. When you retire, slumber comes quickly with big and roomy beds in rooms with private baths. Next morning, a hearty breakfast menu of country favorite fare is offered in the cheerful Victorian dining room.</p> <p>At 402 East Water Street, The Victorian Inn is located yards away from a popular trail where one can jog or walk while enjoying the view of the gently flowing West Branch of the Susquehanna River.</p> <p><center><strong>VOTED "BEST OF BEST" IN CLINTON COUNTY<br />(FEATURED IN MOBILE GUIDE)</strong></center></p> <p>Find us at:</p> <ul> Victorian Inn Bed and Breakfast<br />402 E Water St<br />Lock Haven, PA 17745<br /><br />Phone: 570-748-8688 </ul> </div> </div> <div id="nav"> <ul> <li><a href="./index.html">Home</a></li> <li><a href="./rooms.html">Rooms</a></li> <li><a href="./amenities.html">Amenitites</a></li> <li><a href="./directions.html">Directions</a></li> <li><a href="./tour.html">Photo Tour</a><br /> <li><a href="./events.html">Upcoming Events</a></li> <li><a href="./contact.html">Contact Us</a></li> </ul> </div> <div id="footer"> Website designed and hosted by <a href="http://www.kcnet.org">Keystone Community Network, Inc</a><br /> &copy; All Content Copyright 2008, Victorian Bed & Breakfast </div> </div> </body>